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12 May 2024



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As National Road Safety Week enters its final day with the theme ‘Take care on regional roads’, the NSW Government is reminding regional road users of the simple ways they can help make their trips safer.

Rural residents comprise only a third of the population yet over two-thirds of road fatalities happen on regional roads.

National Road Safety Week has been an important week to help raise awareness and promote safer driving practices.

The NSW Government continues to remind regional road users to make safer choices by not speeding, not driving when tired, and not driving after consuming alcohol or drugs all year round.

The impact of road trauma on regional communities is immeasurable, with close-knit ties in small regional towns felt deeply when tragedy strikes and the NSW Government is committed to lowering the impact of road trauma on regional roads.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Jenny Aitchison said:

“Road safety is everyone's responsibility. As Regional Roads Minister, I see the risks people take on the road every day. As we approach the end of National Road Safety Week it’s essential for all motorists to understand that we all have a part to play in making safe choices on our roads and to act responsibly.

“We drive such long distances in the bush and in the regions and feel the pressure to get to our destination as quickly as possible, when we really should be focusing on getting there safely. One small error can end in absolute tragedy.

“As a community we need to take deliberate actions to ensure a safe journey - such as designating a driver who won’t drink on a night out, getting a good night’s sleep before a long journey and planning to use a rest stop where needed, and of course never ever driving if affected by drugs or alcohol.

"The NSW Government is committed to lowering the trauma on NSW’s regional roads, which is why we are investing $41 million in the Towards Zero Safer Roads Program this year to deliver 38 projects.”

Following the Road Safety Forum earlier this year, Transport for NSW has been tasked with:

  • Revitalising its road safety communication strategy for young drivers by drawing on the latest insights on reaching young people.
  • Partnering with 10 regional local councils to fast-track safer speed limits in local places such as 40km/h high pedestrian activity areas, as well as on higher risk routes. It will accelerate speed reviews and supporting road infrastructure like traffic calming, safer crossings, and smarter line-marking to help drivers slow down in lower speed places.
  • Increasing safety engagement and supporting safer speeds in local places that have, or are introducing, permanent 40km/h and 30km/h speed zones. Treatments could include asphalt art, murals, crossing lighting, and other streetscape enhancements that support pedestrian and cyclist safety and amenity, with an initial grant opportunity for local councils totalling up to $2 million.
  • Reviewing up to 35 schools and school precincts across the state in collaboration with school communities to examine opportunities to make our approach to routes used by children to travel around school safer.


Road safety is a shared responsibility, and the government calls on all road users to prioritise safety every time they drive, ride or walk.


MEDIA: Wendy Fitzgibbon | Minister Aitchison | 0408 427 540