Jenny Aitchison

Putting Maitland first

As a fast-growing region Maitland has a passionate advocate in Jenny. With the support of our community and health unions, Jenny led and won a 7 year campaign against the Liberals' and Nationals' secret plans to privatise our new Maitland Hospital. Jenny campaigned and lobbied hard to stop the Liberal Government cutting our access to Newcastle CBD with the rail truncation. She continues to lobby for better transport infrastructure.

Jenny provided a great deal of support assistance to members of the Maitland community after the storms which ravaged the city in April 2015. She lobbied for crucial Category C funding for rural properties to enable farmers to continue their businesses and connected many members of the community with health, housing and community services during the crisis and afterwards. 

Ensuring our community have access to health, community counselling, TAFE and other essential services are paramount to Jenny and she continues to advocate so the Maitland community has every opportunity available.

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